The SSH Device Manager is available for windows 7 platform and up.


SSH Device Manager version 1.0.56

Changes in version 1.0.56:

Added missing dlls to the installation

The SSH Device Manager requires the   Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update in order to run. The installation of this package was added to the installer. Alternatively it can be downloaded from Microsoft’s web site:


Changes in version 1.0.55:

Added smart features to script:

  • Added ability to find a string within output of the script
  • Added ability to compare the output of previous script to the output of current script
  • Added ability to display custom messages from a script to console

Added a button, customizable by a user, to call an external program to act as a terminal, like putty.
Added ability to skip update check on program startup


Changes in version 1.0.54:

Automatic update check
License module was added
Added ability to change password
Added ability to show devices that assigned to a group
Added a button that allow to open directory of the result of script execution
Execution results are saved in directories, that are named after devices
Fixed a bug that prevented job execution if a lot of devices were assigned to a single group